The Orang Minyak

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The Orang Minyak

known as “Oily Man “is a popular in Kampong (Village) folklore murderer. The story tells of a human black magic practioner who made a pact with the devil in exchange for magical powers and gains. The devil is willing to give him ultimate power of the black magic but only if he raped and kill 21 virgins within a week as a sacrificial process.


Orang Minyak is described as a man whose body is coated with shiny black grease either appearing naked, or wearing just a pair of black trunks.

Fear Factor

The Orang Minyak is a cold hearted rapist who only targets young virgins. He will stalk his young female victims as young as 14 years of age in the day time in his normal form as a man. He then abducts them by night, and rapes and strangles them to death followed by marking “X” on the faces of the dead victims. Due to the coatings of oil on his body, the Orang Minyak is very difficult to catch and he slips away easily from anyone’s grasp.

Protection Method

Fire is the best method to fend off this evil being. As he is coated in oil, he is highly combustible. Villagers would normally hang a lighted oil lamp near the doorway or window area as protection.

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