Hantu Ayer (water spirits)

Hantu Ayer (water spirits) Live in places where there is water, such as a river or lake or the sea. There are two types of water spirits, one said to be the spirits of people who had drowned to death and the other are elemental spirits from nature who may assist fishermen in their catch or sailors

Hantu Pochong

Hantu Pochong is known as the ghost of a dead person trapped in its shroud. In Islamic practice, the deceased are normally wrapped in a white cloth called the “kain qafan”. To keep the cloth attached to the body throughout the funeral ritual, strings will be tied above the head, around the neck and

Hantu Toyol

Hantu Toyol is a small creature created from a dead baby foetus revived by a bomoh by using necromancy black magic. The toyol is used by its master to steal things from other people, or to do mischief to sabotage others. It is said that the owner of a toyol can become rich, but at

Hantu Raya

Hantu Raya is considered one of the most powerful ghosts in Malay folklore. The Hantu Raya is actually the leader of a legion of demons. Its name translates as “supreme ghost” or “great ghost”. A person who has made an alliance with the Hantu Raya will be granted great

The Orang Minyak

The Orang Minyak known as “Oily Man “is a popular in Kampong (Village) folklore murderer. The story tells of a human black magic practioner who made a pact with the devil in exchange for magical powers and gains. The devil is willing to give him ultimate power of the black magic but only if he

Hantu Tingi aka Hantu Galah

Hantu Tingi aka Hantu Galah refers to a type of legendary Tree Monster. Some call them Tall Ghost or Bamboo Ghost. Different rumours also says that when a spirit possesses a tree, it manifests itself as the Hantu Galah. Appearance It has a humanoid figure and has the arms and legs of a tree. Its

Hantu Tetek aka Hantu Kopek

Hantu Tetek aka Hantu Kopek Translated as the “Breast Ghost” from the Malay language, legend says that this ghost is an old witch or a demonic female spirit with multiple gigantic breasts having an eye for young virgin males and children for victims. Appearance Rumours describes her being old and


  Pontianak Is a well-known female vampire in Malay Archipelago folklore. She is said to be originally a woman who died during childbirth. Her vengeance of not being able to enjoy motherhood and not being able to be with her baby turned her into a vicious blood thirsty vampire. Due to


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