Hantu Toyol

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Hantu Toyol

is a small creature created from a dead baby foetus revived by a bomoh by using necromancy black magic. The toyol is used by its master to steal things from other people, or to do mischief to sabotage others. It is said that the owner of a toyol can become rich, but at the expense of the health, fortune and even the lives of members of their family members.

The main intention of creating a Toyol is to use it to steal for its owner. The Toyol will go from one house to another at night, looking for money and jewellery which it will steal for its owner.

In order to sustain the Toyol’s loyalty, the owner of this little imp will feed it with his own blood from his right toe once every 7 days. A Toyol that is not fed will eventually go on a rampage like a spoilt child. They will even attempt to hurt the owner’s family especially if there are young children.


The Toyol is rumoured to look like a naked toddler, it has a height range from 4-10 inches. They normally have green or greyish skin, with red eyes, small vampire-like fangs, and pointy ears.

Fear Factor

“Prince of Thieves” is the best nickname for this little spirit as its main objective is to steal money and jewellery. At times, violent ones are known to scratch and bite you before vanishing into thin air when discovered/caught In the act of stealing.

Protection Method

You can use needles and pins as they are commonly said to fend off evil spirits. As for the Toyol, they are easily distracted just like children, valuables can be protected by scattering green beans on the floor, or leaving sweets and toys next doorway or windows, all of which will distract the Toyol.

It is said that the Toyol will spend the whole night trying to count the beans. They will steal the sweets instead of money and spend the entire night playing with the toys instead. Rumours says that you can also trap a Toyol by setting up a glass jug and placing sweets and green peas in the jug. Once it enters the jug, close the jug and use a white cloth soaked with black dogs blood and secure the jug like a net. Placing it under the sun upon sunrise will destroy this little imp

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