Hantu Tingi aka Hantu Galah

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Hantu Tingi aka Hantu Galah

refers to a type of legendary Tree Monster.
Some call them Tall Ghost or Bamboo Ghost. Different rumours also says that when a spirit possesses a tree, it
manifests itself as the Hantu Galah.


It has a humanoid figure and has the arms and legs of a tree. Its height is normally 3 meters and above.

Fear Factor

The Hantu Galah, kills their victims by choking them around the neck with its long hand or legs. In some cases, it is believed that they have long spiky vines which are able to constrict a person to death.

The Hantu Galah also has powers to make create hypnosis illusion then bring a person to another dimension
portal making their soul lost forever.

There are also rumours that a person can go blind or fall sick with sudden illness if they encounter one.

Protection Method

As the Hantu Galah are tall, they can only run in a straight line. They are very slow making turns as they may fall easily. In order to escape the Hantu Galah’s vicious choke, run in a zig zag manner to escape its wrath.

Those who are lost in a jungle can also pee on the tree with the biggest trunk that they can find. This will break the illusion and you will be able to escape death. The easiest way toward of a Hantu Galah is to pick up a stick and twig and break it into two. Fearing that you may break him like the twig, the Hantu Galah will leave you alone.

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