Hantu Tetek aka Hantu Kopek

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Hantu Tetek aka Hantu Kopek

Translated as the “Breast Ghost” from the Malay language, legend says that this ghost is an old witch or a demonic female spirit with multiple gigantic breasts having an eye for young virgin males and children for victims.


Rumours describes her being old and ugly, having scaled and wrinkled skin bearing gigantic breasts.

Fear Factor

Before the age of modernization, children are warned not to play outside after dark, for fear of this ghost kidnapping and imprisoning or suffocating them in her breasts. Using her breasts as a killer weapon, she easily suffocates her victims with pure breast muscles or even smashes her victims head killing them instantly with her breasts.

Protection Method

It is rumoured that Hantu Teteks are afraid of ladies who bare their breasts

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