Hantu Raya

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Hantu Raya

is considered one of the most powerful ghosts in Malay folklore. The Hantu Raya is actually the leader of a legion of demons. Its name translates as “supreme ghost” or “great ghost”.

A person who has made an alliance with the Hantu Raya will be granted great strength and power over man and spirits. The Hantu Raya’s owner is said to have either formed a pact with the demon or inherited it from ancestral generations known as “saka” which is handed down generationally as a family spiritual heirloom. The owner must promise to feed the ghost and appoint a new owner to it before he dies.

Hence, the Hantu Raya will then be inherited from generation to generation. If the current owner fails to provide it a new owner before dying, he will suffer a horrible death and his soul in turn will belong to the Hantu Raya.

Known to have shapeshifting abilities, it usually takes on the appearance of its owner and carries out the owner’s wishes. However, it is said to be unable to wander far from its home due to the spiritual bond it has with its owner.


The Hantu Raya is said to look like a furry beast with big red eyes, it has a big build and is able to shape shift.

Normally Hantu Raya feasts on “ancak”. It is an offering specially made for the spirits, containing yellow rice (nasi kuning), eggs, cooked chicken, rice flakes and a doll.

In some cases if the owner wants to power up their Hantu Raya, they will offer either raw eggs or the blood of an animal as a sacrifice during a full moon.

Timing for food offerings must strictly be observed because “a hungry ghost can be an angry ghost”.

Fear Factor

Hantu Raya is capable of changing itself into another human being or animals and sometimes transform itself into a being that looks exactly like its owner. Some of the more mischievous ones would even sleep with its owner’s partner.

If commanded by its owner, it is able to harm its owner’s enemies physically. It can also possess or kill other people if it is asked to do so.

Protection Method

In order to get rid of a Hantu Raya, one must either get rid of the owner or prevent the “saka” (thing that is passed down from generation to generation in the family) ceremony by containing it with spiritual methods or removing it altogether from the family line with the help of a powerful bomoh (witch doctor).

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