Hantu Pochong

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Hantu Pochong

is known as the ghost of a dead person trapped in its shroud. In Islamic practice, the deceased are normally wrapped in a white cloth called the “kain qafan”. To keep the cloth attached to the body throughout the funeral ritual, strings will be tied above the head, around the neck and below the feet.

It is believed that if the strings are not untied before the body is laid into the grave, the body will rise from the grave in search of humans to assist releasing their soul.

There is a rumoured cases where a rubber tapper made use of a Hantu Pochong promising to release the strings tying the shroud if the ghost promises him riches and power.

The Hantu Pochong did everything as it was told in the hopes that the knots be untied but the rubber tapper never kept his promise and requested even more from the Hantu Pochong, making the poor soul run more errands for him.

After years of good life, the rubber tapper now a rich rubber plantation owner still hasn’t fulfilled his promise to the Hantu Pochong. One day, the son of the now-rich man accidently untied the string from the shroud. Once released, the Pochong then unleashed its wrath on the whole family, killing every single one of them and leaving only the boy who untied the string from its shroud.


Like a mummy, the Hantu Pochong is wrapped from head to foot in a white fabric. The fabric will be tied over the head, under the feet, and on the neck. It has an ugly face due to decomposition. Because the string is tied around its feet, the Pochong will not be able to walk, causing it to hop around. It also has the ability to fly. When you see a mummy like figure wrapped like a candy from the game Candy Crush, you will know that you are in encounter with a Hantu Pochong.

Fear Factor

The Hantu Pochong cannot speak verbally but it can communicate with a person telepathically. Some say that the Pochong can suck the life force out of a person when angry. Some says that it just wants people to help remove the ties binding it so it can leave earth, never to return again.

Protection Method

There really isn’t any protection against this ghost, as this ghost isn’t exactly malicious.

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