About us

Astral Paranormal Research and Consultancy was founded in 2018 as an investigative group into the world that is beyond modern empirical science. Our aim is to discover the interactions and inter-reactions between various entities
and energies that are seemingly outside of the scope of human sensory perception. Our area of research covers situations and phenomena such as hauntings, spiritual practices, sacred places and communication with the no-longer living. We believe that this area which is beyond the scope of modern empirical science is rooted in forgotten, ancient or mystical logics that continue to govern unexplainable events that occur. We root our research in the
scientific practice of falsifiability, heuristic methodology, holistic medicine as well as the most recent findings in string theory.


Ken G

Ken G started practicing formal paranormal investigation in 2008. He has worked closely with many pastors, psychic media and Taoist masters, as well as assisted in three exorcisms. Ken G specialises in Abrahamic spirituality, Karmic spirituality, occult practices and cross-
religion comparisons. Ken G had encountered various unexplained phenomena at an early age, and that has spurred him on to find out more about the origins and reasons behind these phenomena.

Tom P

Tom began his career in paranormal spirituality in 2014. He has worked with local and international media in various locations for paranormal shoots. Tom has also collaborated
with paranormal groups in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Tom specialises in front line paranormal investigation. He is always on hand as a safety
and First Aid specialist, in the event that something untoward happens during a paranormal investigation. Tom P takes keen interest in Thai and Khmer wicha magick. Tom’s interest in the paranormal began from the point of skepticism. He had noticed phenomena which he could not explain, and sought to disprove them. The unseen and the unknown
thus became a personal challenge for Tom.


Nana is skilled in paranormal investigation as well as in project management. She has been involved with international paranormal television shows and managed on-site filming locations. Nana began her paranormal career in
2013. She takes keen interest in exploring the realm of spirituality and spiritual healing, being certified as a Reiki Practitioner and a Crystal Healing Practitioner. Nana has learnt to keep an open mind and rely on heuristic, grounded
practices in her research since her encounters with unexplainable phenomena at a young age. Nana is now researching on the concept of ͞dreaming͟ as it is experienced as a spiritual practice in many cultures ranging from the Aboriginal Australians to Chinese Taoists.

Dr Yasser Mattar

Yasser began formal research into the paranormal and the spiritual in 2013. He has given numerous talks at schools and institutions on the topics of death, funerals, communication with the dead and spiritual energies. He has also taken many interested parties on investigative walks in cemeteries, swamps and isolated beaches. Yasser takes
keen interest in the concepts of ͞evil eye͟ and ͞xiao ren͟ where unexplainable extreme bad luck occurs within the human realm. He also does research into cross-religion comparisons, especially in the area of investing metaphysical energy into idols of worship. He was brought up in an environment where interacting with spirits and black magic is as common as muck. On the other hand, he also noticed people from other backgrounds showed fear towards the unseen and unknown. He was motivated to find
the metaphysical and cultural differences between his own upbringing, and that of others.